Waste not, want not

UK waste recycling facilities

The UK’s recycling rate has stayed at around 45% for the last seven years. For it to meet the UK’s 2020 target of 50%, there is a requirement for substantial investment in new facilities that are able to deal with plastic, wood and biodegradable wastes.

At the moment, far too much biodegradable and recyclable waste is being lost to landfill. Furthermore, landfill tax charges mean that waste disposal and collections are becoming increasingly expensive for the taxpayer.

Our waste plants represent part of the investment that the sector needs. Over the last seven years we’ve built eight facilities to help local authorities and other customers reduce their reliance on landfill. These include composting sites to process garden and food waste, and biomass facilities to tackle wood waste. In future we will focus on building more sites that specialise in plastics, metal and other waste streams.

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