Weeding out chemical herbicides

Weed growth problems? Foamstream’s got it covered

The basics

  • Patented herbicide-free process to remove unwanted vegetation: Foamstream
  • Bio-degradable foam made from natural, renewable plant oils and sugars
  • Safe for humans and wildlife
  • More efficient than traditional methods in a quickly growing sector
  • Weedingtech is the world leader in supplying herbicide-free systems for weed control.

The benefits

Not toxic or harmful – Simple to use – Meets market need

Following widespread international concerns, governments and regulators are increasingly restricting the use of chemical herbicides in their cities, which creates a need and an opportunity for technology like Foamstream.

The process involves using hot water insulated by a bio-degradable foam to create a thermal blanket over unwanted vegetation long enough to kill or sufficiently damage the weeds and their roots. The tech only requires two to three applications per year – compared to six to 14 uses with alternative methods. It can be used all year round, on all surfaces.

It’s delivered through Weedingtech machinery, which doesn’t need any specialist operator training or certification to use. The equipment can also be used for sanitisation tasks, including street cleaning, power washing and gum removal.



Operation:Weed control

Target funding:£2.2m

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