A clear energy picture

Smart, home energy management that’s powered by AI

The basics

  • The Verv hub is award-winning tech which gives users advanced insights into household electricity consumption
  • It enables and encourages them to reduce electricity use and bills, and minimise their carbon footprint
  • Verv’s additional ‘Connect' plug provides smart home automation, DSR and condition monitoring services
  • Verv wants to reduce environmental impact by making buildings smarter and more efficient.

The benefits

Encourages smarter, greener living – saves you money – improves access to low-carbon energy

Verv’s technology samples electricity data at very high frequencies – up to five million times faster than a smart meter – unlocking new information. Artificial intelligence can then be used to analyse the data and provide users with detailed insights into their energy use including the real-time cost and consumption for each key appliance in the house.

This information, coupled with personalised insights, can help users to reduce electricity use, minimise their carbon footprint and bring down bills.

By incorporating blockchain technology into the hub, Verv has also trialled a peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading platform that enables homes with solar panels to sell their excess energy directly to their neighbours, improving their return on investment. It also allows those without renewable assets to buy affordable low-carbon energy from within their community. This pioneering technology is being brought to life in London where Verv conducted the UK’s first P2P trade of energy on blockchain in 2018.

Verv’s Connect plug provides additional smart home services including on/off control, which can also contribute to Demand Side Management which will play an important role in the energy system transformation, and predictive maintenance.



Operation:Energy monitoring, P2P energy trading, predictive maintenance

Target funding:£2m

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