On the up

The way we grow our food is changing

The basics

  • Sustainable urban vertical food production and supply
  • Their mission is to improve long-term health – one leaf at a time
  • Two high-tech production sites in London with more planned
  • Their consumer brand MiniCrops is used in over 100 restaurants and thousands of households.

The benefits

No pesticides – no transport emissions – highly nutritious

Food production is a big issue – how to produce enough, sustainably, to feed a growing population. From climate change to poor food quality, there’s a pressing need to change our eating habits and improve our health. As an industry, the food system in London alone is the single biggest contributor of CO2 emissions.

Growing food in controlled conditions allows Vertical Future to grow in a precise and efficient way, producing high-quality food: beautiful baby leaf vegetables and herbs with no pesticides whatsoever.

Vertical Future has applied its ethics to the supply system too. Sites are located close to customers, so ultra-fresh produce is picked and delivered on-demand by bike.

Vertical Future


Operation:Vertical farm

Target funding:£2.5m

New Fund Manager
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