Creating smarter and more sustainable buildings

The modern way to watch over your building

The basics

  • Shepherd’s advanced data science and real-time analytics transform the way businesses manage and maintain properties and assets
  • Constantly learning and analysing what’s going on with a building’s operations and infrastructure to pre-empt and prevent damage, breakdowns and emergencies
  • Shepherd helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.

The benefits

Constant monitoring – early warning – transforms property maintenance

Acting as the eyes and ears of a building, the Shepherd monitoring systems guard against operational disruption and negative impacts.

With constant monitoring providing real-time accurate data and analytics, Shepherd transforms how organisations and people manage, monitor and maintain their buildings. The aim is to make buildings and environments as efficient as possible – for the benefit of the people running and using them, and for the planet.

The knowledge Shepherd provides has many benefits for property managers. It allows users to maintain healthy buildings rather than reacting to expensive crises that cost time, money and resources. It improves the operational efficiency and sustainability of the property.

This enables a shift in focus when it comes to risk management – to stop calculating the cost of what has happened and start calculating the probability of what could happen. This approach is preventative so also reduces property and compliance risk.



Operation:Data analytics

Target funding:£2m

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