Sharing energy and knowledge

A way to help companies develop profitable energy and renewables projects

The basics

  • Reliance Energy works primarily in the UK power and renewables sectors
  • Its clients are UK based generators and other renewables businesses looking to outsource the development phases of their growth
  • It helps organisations to develop, construct and operate projects by managing stakeholders including include landowners, agents, community representatives, planners and technology providers
  • It has historically focused on flexible and renewable power generation and storage opportunities.

The benefits

Cost effective – extra power generation – industry expertise

Flexible power generation is a way of providing power to the network when demand exceeds supply. National Grid needs small providers to offer up their electricity for extra capacity in times of demand, so they can cope with peaks of energy use.

Reliance Energy is assisting companies to make flexible power generation projects work for their owners and for the communities that benefit from them. It helps organisations to develop, construct and operate new energy projects that are cost effective for National Grid while still being commercially attractive to the operator.

It also trials and evaluates new technology, helps clients understand the complex energy market, and helps existing operators to make the most income from their assets. Reliance Energy’s network of landowners, funding providers, facility operators and energy professionals brings people together to develop profitable energy projects across the UK.

Following years of successful work in identifying, evaluating and securing sites for its clients, Reliance has branched out into development work on behalf of a wider range of renewables businesses in recycling, vertical food and other sectors.

What’s next?

A pipeline of sites has been developed over the last few years and they are still being monitored by Reliance Energy. The original EIS funding time horizon for these projects is coming to a close, so the company is looking after the sites to take them to completion.

Reliance Energy


Operation:Professional services for site finding, planning, permitting and development

Target funding:£5m

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