Redefining solar energy

Hot potential for new virtu technology

The basics

  • Naked Energy designs, designs and manufactures the world’s most innovative energy and space-efficient solar collector: virtu
  • virtu provides combined solar heat and power and can deliver a peak efficiency of 80%
  • Much more efficient than conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) generation.

The benefits

Greatest value for space – renewable heat and power – energy and carbon savings

Energy for heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50% of global energy demand and 39% of carbon dioxide emissions. After staff, energy is the second highest cost for most global businesses, so virtu has enormous potential in both mitigating climate change and reducing recurring business costs.

Because virtu generates both heat and power it is much more efficient than regular solar photovoltaic (PV) generation. It can deliver a peak efficiency of 80%, converting 20% of the sun’s energy to electricity and 60% as heat. On a typical commercial flat roof, conventional PV panels need up to 50% more space than virtuPVT to generate the same financial savings – and up to 300% more to deliver the same carbon savings.

Naked Energy’s modular solar collectors can be applied to a much wider range of roofs, walls and other surfaces than traditional solar PV products. They’ll speed the transition to a greener energy mix and they look great too!

Naked Energy


Operation:Solar generation

Target funding:£4.5m

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