Taking the ‘waste’ out of wastewater

An efficient way to give old water a new lease of life

The basics

  • Low-cost, low energy, high-efficiency tech for treating wastewater and desalination
  • Reduces the cost and meets best environmental practice and regulation
  • Uses renewables or low-grade waste heat
  • LAT Water has won several grants for innovative technology, totaling over £2m.

The benefits

Efficient process – Large market potential – Successful track record

LAT Water’s technology reduces the cost and energy of the wastewater treatment process and meets best environmental practice and regulation. It’s particularly effective in cases where wastewater contains high levels of dissolved salts and organic compounds – something that traditional methods struggle to treat.

It can effectively dispose of leachate (water from the bottom of landfill sites), which is a major cost for landfill operators. There are more than 50,000 landfill sites across Europe producing leachate, which makes the market potential more than £1bn every year.

LAT Water is committed to operate in a carbon-neutral way. It has operated a pilot plant for the Department of Energy which operated successfully with high water recovery rates of up to 90%.

LAT Water


Operation:Wastewater treatment

Target funding:£5m

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