Stemming water waste and property damage with AI

Hero Labs makes truly smart home technology powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence

The basics

  • Sonic (the hardware detection device) detects, prevents and stops water leaks in homes and businesses
  • Uses ultrasonic technology, pressure and temperature sensors combined with AI to monitor water usage, detect unusual flow and can shut down the system before a leak causes damage
  • And because Sonic analyses all the water flow in your property, it can even break it down into different categories and appliances – so even if you never experience a leak you can save water, save money and help to save the planet, too.

The benefits

Preventing damage – saving water – helping greener decisions

Escaping water from faulty plumbing and appliances has a huge financial and environmental cost. Some three billion litres of water per day are wasted in the UK alone. Leaks also create more damage to property than fire and burglaries combined, costing insurers circa £1bn a year, so leak detection is attractive to them for reducing claims.

Sonic is easy to install, usually under the sink, and is the only product in the UK to use ultrasonic technology to monitor water use and then spot anything unusual using AI algorithms. Also, as it’s powered by long-lasting batteries it is easy to retrofit. Sonic quickly sends an alert via the Sonic app and can automatically shut off the water supply to prevent a leak causing damage.

Sonic’s pipe and ambient temperature sensors can send a pre-freeze notification to help prevent burst pipes from arising in the first place.

The Sonic app will also help people save water by giving them helpful hints and tips about which appliances are using the most water, so they can make greener decisions.

Hero Labs


Operation:Water leak detection

Target funding:£2.5m

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