Getting serious about metal recycling

An innovative way to recover and recycle hard-to-reach metals

The basics
  • Effective recycling technique that recovers small, relatively valuable, non-ferrous metals from everyday items and appliances
  • Gets maximum value out of the objects that are being recycled
  • DMP Metals has a unique focus on this area of recycling, compared to the wider industry.
The benefits
Specialised recycling – reducing waste – increasing value by improving quality

Non-ferrous metals have higher resale value than steel or iron but are often found in small quantities within other objects which makes them fiddly to extract and recycle.

DMP Metal’s process will allow it to recycle this higher-value metal by separating out the various metals to produce a much higher quality product than the mainstream metal processors, reducing waste and making the most of the items being recycled.

Once operational, DMP will steadily increase the tonnages coming to site and will develop similar systems for processing more non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass.

DMP Metals


Operation:Non-ferrous metal recycling

Target funding:£5m

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