Planting for science

Supplying bioscience research

The basics

  • Specialist vertical farm for biosciences
  • High quality consistent produce
  • Plants grown to order for their natural chemical compounds
  • Supporting the exploration of sustainable food production.

The benefits

Consistent quality – no transport emissions – supporting sustainability

The world’s population is set to reach 10bn by 2050, so the very pressing question is how should we grow enough crops sustainably? Science and technology are instrumental in tackling the many issues facing food production.

Bioscience, and more specifically plant science, looks at all aspects of growing and is vital to benefit society: better diet, crop productivity and sustainability. The natural chemical compounds derived from certain plant species are of particular interest to bioscience research and development. Because the controlled growing environment in vertical farms allows each input to be monitored and adjusted, the system is ideal to achieve plants that meet the criteria.

Aversely will set up a specialist vertical farm tailored to provide the consistent quality of output required for research.

What’s next?

Aversely builds on the lessons of a test facility and is now looking for a site to develop close to bioscience customers.



Operation:Vertical farm

Target funding:SEIS Fund

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