Changing behaviours

The science behind how we use electricity and water

The basics

  • Smart data monitoring of electricity and water usage
  • Changing the way consumers think and act
  • Informs consumers how to reduce usage
  • Increases customer engagement through personalised reports
  • Predicts future demand.

The benefits

Reduces electricity and water usage – engages customers – smart insights

Advizzo is a collaboration of both behavioural and data scientists alongside utilities specialists. They understand the urgency of conserving precious resources and have developed a software solution to reduce wastage.

The company uses AI analytics to monitor usage patterns and it’s the only platform to cover both electricity and water savings. This is especially useful for utility companies to engage with their customers. Smart meters are one thing, but the key is to use the data gathered to produce meaningful insights – by letting people know how and when they can adjust their usage.

But that’s not all; the system can detect leaks at the property level. It also provides predictive analytics, making forecasts of future demand through pooling existing meter data and third-party data. As utilities face increasing environmental regulation and pressure to reduce consumption, the SAAS (Software as a Service) solution provides significant cost savings.

What’s next?

Advizzo is looking to expand its customer base into the USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle-East.



Operation:AI monitoring

Target funding:£2.4m

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