All our investment products have been designed to provide outstanding returns for our investors. Alongside our existing Environmental EIS Fund, we are now preparing to launch our Earthworm Bonds/IFISA, and an Earthworm Inheritance Tax Service.

Inheritance Tax Service - coming soon

  • Targeted return of 4.0%-6.0% interest per annum
  • Secured by assets
  • Diverse portfolio
  • You lend to companies in Food, Energy and Waste
  • Online application
  • Invest up to £20,000 allowance per annum or transfer existing ISAs
  • Interest paid quarterly or on maturity
  • Your money makes a return and you make a difference.

Impact EIS Fund

Our evergreen fund has raised over £75m to date.
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This £2.25m fund is fully invested.
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Investments and financial products may seem beyond the reach of many of us and we want to change that. Financial services can, and should, work for the many not the few. Our commitment to our investors has always been that we will consider the consequences of our actions before making any investment. And every investment we make is about delivering returns, and achieving positive environmental and societal outcomes at the same time.

Our investors care about the world around them, and want to make a change to the way we all live and do business. By pooling resources with like-minded people, your money can make a real difference. Every investment counts – whatever the amount – to make a change from the ground up.

I’m not one to normally invest willingly in environmentally friendly projects as historically these have been financially unfriendly. However Earthworm’s EIS looks different. Earthworm started out offering a composting EIS – simple, but effective like the old adage 'where there’s muck, there’s brass'. Since then it has diversified into many other areas of environmental infrastructure and cleantech. At a time when most EIS concentrate on high risk tech, it’s good to see something more sensible that doesn’t just offer a zero or ten bagger return, but something where you are offered risk and reward, and at the same time being environmentally friendly.
Ben Yearsley, Shore Financial Planning

Earthworm IFISA calculator

Calculate what you could potentially earn from our IFISA.

ITS calculator

Calculate how much you could potentially save from the Earthworm ITS.

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