Key Features

  • Provides a target 3–5% net annual return, minimum £25,000 investment
  • 100% exemption target from IHT after two years using Business Relief
  • Simple, transparent low-cost structure
  • Gives you flexible withdrawals and control of top-up payments
  • Exclusively focused on environmental assets
  • 10% of our profits go to charitable causes.

Where your investment will go


Sustainable food production increasing efficiency through hydroponics and alternative protein sources.


Increasing energy efficiency, preserving resources and reducing energy use through new product design, AI and data insights.


Increasing the UK’s capacity for recycling to divert waste going to landfill or being exported. Helping local authorities manage municipal waste.

Our expertise

Our hands-on management team has extensive experience in the waste, energy and recycling sectors. We understand what it takes to conceive, develop and nurture early-stage businesses. Members of our community get to share expertise and best practice to support each other and achieve the best return for investors.

Project profile: LAT Water

LAT Water’s technology reduces the cost of the wastewater treatment process and meets best environmental practice and regulation. It’s low-cost, high-efficiency tech for treating wastewater and desalination that uses renewables or low-grade waste heat.


If you're thinking about investing with us, it's important you read the associated risks.

"As a wealth manager, I knew of Earthworm and what attracted me was the unwavering focus on their speciality of waste management and recycling. Backed up with their own first-hand experience in developing and running such a business, gives us great confidence."
Bob Woods MBE, Mattioli Woods