£3.7m investment into the future of our planet

Earthworm provides £3.7m of investment into four companies with huge potential for positive environmental impact. Capital was distributed to vertical farming, metals recycling, wastewater treatment and property performance management technology.

As part of their mission to prove that smart investment doesn’t mean leaving your ethics at the door, in April Earthworm invested £3.7m across four companies that balance social and environmental responsibility with commercial opportunity: DMP Metals (£691k), LAT Water (£900k), Shepherd (£1.1m) and Vertical Future (£1.1m).

Earthworm is a fast-growing impact investor with a portfolio across food, energy and waste. Encouraging and supporting businesses that have a positive impact on the environment is central to the company’s ethos. Their recent investment furthers Earthworm’s bid to secure a more sustainable future, by investing in businesses with the longevity to redefine current supply chains and methods.

The investment into these four companies comes at a crucial economic time, where disruption in industry is leading to a shift in emphasis on the long-term impact, and flexibility of companies. This will become increasingly important as the wider conversation and focus switches back to protecting our planet and futures.

On the investment, Kerry Hughes, Earthworm’s Head of Portfolio and Investment said: “We are really proud to be supporting these businesses at a time when the UK economy desperately needs its entrepreneurs and the investment community to pull together. Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives and will continue to do so for some time, but the way in which we build back from here is by supporting and investing in the sustainable businesses of tomorrow. We want to put a marker down to say that our aims to drive positive environmental change in the UK burn as bright as ever and we want to show that we can do some really incredible things when we all work together.”

Earthworm’s investment will help each of these companies expand and develop their businesses – businesses that each have the potential to be game-changers in their industries.

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