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Sustainable food production in the UK

Sustainable food production is a major challenge for the UK.

In 2017, the supermarket Morrisons published a report that found Britain was only 52% self-sufficient in food, with just 23% of the fruit and vegetables eaten in Britain being actually grown here. Combined with the government’s concern about the UK’s declining soil fertility this creates a sobering picture.

However, we’ve committed to finding solutions to some of these problems, investing in a business specialising in sustainable food production. By creating super-efficient ‘vertical’ farms, we can produce high-quality, year-round salads, herbs and plants within a strictly controlled indoor environment. The idea is to deliver far higher yields while using a fraction of the resources and no chemicals.

We hope to continue to invest in the business and build many more such farms in the future, and do our bit to ensure that Britain develops a better and more sustainable home-grown food culture.

If you’d like to invest in our food production projects, find out how here.

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