The Worm Turns

Welcomes and warnings.

Welcome to The Worm Turns, the Earthworm blog. Given this is our first post, we thought it made sense to use it to give a little intro to the sort of content you might expect to see here.

Our first post is one that will explain a little more about the principles we believe in as a business but – just so you know – this blog will definitely NOT be a place for anything salesy. If we ever go down that path, feel free to shake your head sadly and growl like a small dog. Instead, we just want to talk about stuff that interests us (and hopefully you too), and give a bit of context around our business thinking. So that might be anything from an explanation to what we mean when we talk about ‘conscious capitalism’ (arriving imminently!), to our take on any number of news agenda issues that get us thinking/raging/laughing/ranting.

Naturally we’ll be taking on some serious topics (not many laughs to be had on the topic of climate change) but, because we’d rather you finished the article before you go and sit quietly in a darkened room, we promise to punctuate gloom with hope and light wherever possible. Who knows, maybe even the odd joke. Occasionally, even environmentalist sorts like us think of them.

Anyway… welcome, and feel free to get in touch with us via our social channels if you’ve got something to say about the issues we raise here.


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