Burning passions

There’s a passion burning through the world at the moment – open any newspaper or social platform and you can’t miss it. Children with signs and angry faces, spearheaded by the force that is Greta Thunberg.

But that passion’s on a clock. And the real question is, can it burn louder and faster than the Amazon rainforests?

I’m a big animal lover and went on safari (walking and canoeing only) in Africa for my honeymoon, which was a wonderful experience and opened my eyes to how spectacular our planet and its creatures are. You’ve heard it before, but our planet is precious. And what happens to it doesn’t just affect us, it affects every other animal that lives here. But, unlike us, they don’t get to speak for themselves – so we have a responsibility to do it for them.

I watched a video of Greta’s speech at the UN conference on Monday and it gave me goosebumps. As a long-serving David Attenborough fan, I’m really encouraged that we have another loud voice to speak out on behalf of our environment and call us out when we need to be held to account.

Change is really hard. Doing things like learning to recycle properly and cutting down on waste can be difficult, but the more people that take on small changes, the bigger the impact it will add up to. We obviously need organisation and worldwide improvements too, but we can all contribute through the smaller changes in our own lives.

One change that I made a few months ago was to take the leap of switching jobs and joining Earthworm. Another passion of mine is my work. I get a drive out of making sure that people receive good service and really listening to their feedback to make sure we’re always improving. Being aware of how people feel and what they need is at the centre of what I do. So when I heard about Earthworm, my interest was sparked.

Investments often come across as, frankly, quite stuffy. But they don’t have to be. Supporting projects that benefit our environment and joining a team that is always trying to make those little differences is refreshing. My environmental awareness is growing every day and while I couldn’t resist booking another safari adventure, I’ve made sure that the camp I’ll be staying at is powered by solar energy, committed to minimal waste and has lodges made from natural materials.

We’re at a delicate moment where it’s dawning on a lot of people that we need to think about our future and what it could end up looking like.

There are no perfect solutions, but if this week of protests and shows of passion has taught us anything, it’s that we’re in it together. I’m proud to say that here at Earthworm we were all supported to attend the climate strikes if we wished to.

As the saying goes: If not us, who? If not now, when?


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