A resolution for my kids

The power children have is all over the press lately and interestingly how they are bringing their influence to bear on their parents: rallying their elders to join #fridaysforthefuture strikes, convincing them to donate their election vote. I love this – it makes me feel really proud. All power to the next generation.

But there’s a large part of me that feels it’s not our kids’ responsibility. We, the grown-ups, (the ones let’s face it who have created this mess) should be front and centre of solving our environmental problems. As a father of four girls, I feel a terrific responsibility for their well-being, now and in the future. Beyond my family, I want to make a simple commitment to do something for the generation after us.

There are plenty of ways we could do this. We can tailor our resolutions to suit our own individual aspirations and to make sure we can sustain them. No one wants that feeling of guilt when we set ourselves impossible tasks that we can’t keep up.

As parents we take on all sorts of responsibilities throughout our daily lives, but often we still don’t grasp the reality that, by collective commitment, we can make a real difference. For those of you waiting for our ministers to make things happen, wake up. Take a look in the mirror and you’ll see that it’s you who can make the difference for those who will expect us to have acted when we had the chance.

Like me, you probably don’t send all your waste to landfill and have started segregating and recycling. However, how many of us know that in many areas of the UK our waste is disposed of several hundred miles away in Europe – where we are about to be less welcome. That’s not sustainable is it? We have, mostly, all realised that the drive to secure energy from renewable sources is the right choice. So why aren’t we focusing on creating energy from our own waste rather than paying Europe to take it so that they can generate electricity for their own consumption? We could make that leap to reduce the power we consume from Europe and the money we pay for it, and reduce the cost of disposal of our waste.

This is what the Earthworm community is all about – funding start-up and scale-up businesses that are good for society and the environment. Each business within the community, from waste treatment to AI for asset management, is chosen because of the way they do business and the issues they solve. And everyone can get involved in communities like ours that support impact investing, whether you have an idea that needs funding or would like to invest in the Bonds.

Wouldn’t the next generation thank you for making that small resolution to do things differently, that would have a profound effect on so many people?


New Fund Manager
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