We focus on the food, energy and waste sectors to source, develop and nurture early-stage and scale-up businesses with huge commercial potential.

So an Earthworm investment isn’t just an investment in your personal future, it’s an investment into the world we live in. By joining together and being a part of a bigger movement, we can all make a difference.

Earthworm was built out of a desire to do things differently. We wanted to prove that smart investment didn’t have to mean leaving your ethics at the door. Our founder, Ben, had spent years working in corporate finance. He understood how it all worked, but he didn’t like it. He saw greed trumping responsibility and he saw exactly why people’s trust in the sector had been lost. So he created an investment model to be the antithesis of that. It would absolutely aim to make money for investors, but only when a force for environmental or social good. Knowing these are not mutually exclusive, Earthworm was born.

The Earthworm community

We’re building an Earthworm community of like-minded investors, investee companies and supporters to band together and encourage real change. Every investment, new company connection and newsletter subscriber we get takes our reach that bit further and strengthens our Earthworm ethos – we’re growing together. From the ground up.

Putting your money where our future is

Why we believe in sustainable capitalism

Solar Aid – our chosen charity

And just like the projects we support, we make sure our business practices are sustainable too. After we pay back our investors, we ensure that 10% of our profits go to charitable causes, 10% is invested back into future innovation, ideas and development, and a further 10% goes to our employees.

This year we are supporting Solar Aid, a UK charity which makes solar lights accessible to remote rural communities in Malawi and Zambia. The really neat idea is that Solar Aid has set up a sustainable distribution model in areas which are commercially too expensive to reach. Read all about it here.

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