A new dawn

Solar power

Though the renewable energy sector is growing in the UK, it is still not yet at the point at which it can break its reliance on finite resources such as fossil fuels.

A recent forecast still expects the UK to be importing up to 20% of its overall energy needs from Europe.

Not only do we think the UK should be self-sustaining, but we think it should be sustainable. As such we have developed a series of solar farms over the past few years, including one in Oxfordshire which generates up to 5MW across 25 acres.

Even in isolation, this farm can provide enough power per annum for 1,515 homes, saving an equivalent of 2,150 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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Keeping the lights on

Renewable energy is reliant on environmental conditions. To state the obvious, solar needs daylight, wind farms need wind.

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Home grown

Sustainable food production is a major challenge for the UK. In 2017, the supermarket Morrisons published...

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Waste not, want not

The UK’s recycling rate has stayed at around 45% for the last seven years. For it to meet the UK’s 2020 target of 50%...

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