Environmental investing

We aim to deliver good returns, but here’s the thing – we only back projects that will have a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

Your money makes a return and you can make a difference

…for a better world.

Water treatment tech that could save the day

"As a wealth manager, I knew of Earthworm and what attracted me was the unwavering focus on their speciality of waste management and recycling. Backed up with their own first-hand experience in developing and running such a business, gives us great confidence."
Bob Woods MBE, Mattioli Woods

Our products

We want everyone to invest in things they care about. Our products are designed to allow you to do just this. Our commitment to you is that we consider the consequences of our actions before making any investment. And every investment we make is about delivering returns as well as achieving positive environmental and societal outcomes.

EIS Fund

Our evergreen fund has raised over £60m to date.
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Inheritance Tax Service – coming soon

Looking after your loved ones and future generations.
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Purpose, meet profit...

Many of the businesses we invest in face barriers to entry – from not being able to raise finance from banks, through to environmental and planning regulatory hoops. Without much needed support, new solutions and technologies may never make it to market. At a time when we need to be doing everything humanly possible to counter climate change, these companies all play a part.

Individually, it is always a challenge to turn the tide, but together we can build something of real value for a sustainable future.

Responsibility, meet reward

Every company we identify offers both great commercial potential and can improve sustainability in one of our strategic pillars: Food, Energy or Waste.


Exploring new farming techniques to feed a growing population.


Empowering the consumer and conserving natural resources.


Helping the UK meet its recycling targets and diverting waste from landfill.

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